Live this unique experience.

Welcome to Bodega Budeguer.

Live this unique experience.

Welcome to Bodega Budeguer.

The best wines are born in the vineyard.

In 2005, Juan José Budeguer, who was one of the biggest sugar productors in Latin America challenged himself to invest in Mendoza. His purpose was to make his dream come true: producing his own wines. Since that time, passion and hard work together with the pursuit of excellence are the integral values that Budeguer family shares in each of his wines.

Budeguer group owns one hundred hectares in Maipú. The soil has an alluvial origin, so it has heterogeneous characteristics. As a result, different varietals were installed to enhance its expressiveness. The vineyards are conducted by a system of high plantation density and the harvest is made by hand. In addition, the seeds are carefully treated from the harvest until their arrival to the winery. All the area has a drip irrigation system which allows the exact control of water consumption according to the plant´s need. Water comes from the melting of the cordillerano stow that reflects the sun and the stars of the sky in Mendoza.

Our vineyards

Quality begins in the vineyard. With this belief, wines are elaborated respecting their terroir. Their careful management, not only in the family vineyards but also in those from the strategic partners, gives exceptional characteristics to our grapes. Moreover, it is because of this that genuine and great wines with character are elaborated. Actually, we have our own vineyards in Maipú and Agrelo.

Our wines

Plan B

Plan B is more than a wine brand. It is a lifestyle, a way of being, and an enjoyment for every single moment. The wine represents those people who always have a changing alternative. It is fresh, expressive, and elegant with strong personality and makes every single moment unique. It is tasty and charming, simple, natural and daring. Plan B wine expresses our philosophy in its elaboration and its life: enjoy every single moment because it may be the last one. Make everyday a wonderful memory because there is always a reason to change and celebrate.


Tucumen is a mixture of two cultures, two soils and two dreams: Tucumán and Mendoza. It designs expresses the color, style and our Argentinian origin. It also reminds the typical urban architecture of La Boca neighborhood in Buenos Aires, worldwide known because of the tango dance. Our classic Tucumen brand has fresh and young wines and expresses the best Argentinian style. This wine is made with carefully selected grapes with thirty percent fermentation in American and French oak barrels during six months.

Tucumen reserve was raised in American and French oak barrels but twelve months before being stocked in a bottle throughout eight more months.


4000 is our first hand ultra-premium line and it is saved in oak French barrels during eighteen months. Its name honors and values Budeguer´s family origin since 4000 is the zip code of San Miguel de Tucumán. It has purple color with purple reflections. 4000 is significant and it has a fruitful smell of cassis, plums and a touch of a variety of purple flowers. The influence of wood is not invasive and it gives a smoked sense together with the fruit. Intense, dense and juicy, it has a great balance between acidity and ripe tannins.

While working with passion, respecting nature and loving the soil, we are convinced that our wines are the result of effort and dedication of our team, who is a great family as well.


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