We have 10,000 Ha. dedicated exclusively to quality livestock.

We have 10,000 Ha. dedicated exclusively to quality livestock.

Feed Lot

Located in Tucumán, the space was acquired in 2006 by Budeguer Group. In 2009 a feedlot was constructed for its own production and a farm with a mixture of skills was developed. The practices performed here are livestock and agricultural ones.


The Company

It currently has ten thousand hectares, which are distributed in two farms. These are exclusively dedicated to a complete cattle cycle: breeding, re-breeding and wintering. 

In Pozo Hondo, located in Santiago del Estero, the breeding activity is taken place with six thousand productive bellies. Cachi Yaco, on the contrary has feeding and re-breeding as main activities. It has an instant closure of ten thousand heads (forty-eight stockyards with a capacity of two hundred and ten animals, six reception stockyards and six charging ones and two for nursing). Agricultural activities take place in areas with the best soil conditions. They are aimed to provide the cattle sector with food (grain and feeds). By means of this food quality is carefully controlled. There are two thousand and five hundred hectares of corn harvest and it interchanges his position with the seasonal one thousand and six hundred hectares of wheat.


Because of its geographical location, weather conditions and environment adjustment, sheep breeds that come from the north of Argentina are the synthetic ones mainly Brangus and Braford. Both of them are considered to be cattle crossings.


The mothers are fed using implanted subtropical pastures (Gamma Rodhes) supplemented with corn silage _own production_ soy flour and pre-mixtures (with vitamins, minerals and urea). During winter a complete substitution is made using maloja hay from sugar cane RAC (harvest agricultural waste).

Exams are being made in order to incorporate vinasse to the animal´s food.


The company sells animals for the local internal market and it keeps a constant type of animal in terms of quality, tenderness and flavor

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