A history of dedication and permanent effort.

A history of dedication and permanent effort.

Juan José Budeguer S.A

Actually, Juan José Budeguer has twenty thousand five hundred hectares in production, being the sugar cane its main crop. It has sixteen per cent rotation with soy throughout the year. This practice is beneficial for the soil as it eliminates the damaging effects of monoculture. Soy plantation also allows lessening the use of agrochemicals as it helps to cope with brushes. Corn crop, on the other hand, provides the cattle area with food supply.

Our farms location gives us a competitive dominance, different to other companies of the sector. They are based on fertile areas which are close to the city and their products are easily delivered.

Budeguer´s farms are distributed in seven agro ecological spaces and it is because of their variance that different management practices are considered so as to maintain their sustainability. This gives the company the ability to be ready to deal with adverse weather conditions in the best way.


* Own fleet of four hundred components (tractors, trucks, harvesters, agricultural harrows, excavators, tanks, etc)

* One hundred percent of mechanical cane harvest (eighty percent of own machinery) that allows to deliver daily ten thousand tons of raw material to Leales and Concepción factories

* Implementation of mechanical plantation: it covers fifty percent of the work

* Self mechanic workshop to repair and maintain the fleet. It has an electric and hydraulic room and a spare parts deposit.


The group is a pioneer in the development of appliances for updated practices:

* Green harvest: we are the first company that obtained the Local Certification GAP “Sugar cane without the use of fire”

* More than seven thousand hectares assured (growing by one hundred percent by 2019)

* Evolution of adequate equipment to deal with the RAC and for vinasse administration of the farm.

* Own compost production to manage by-products of Leales Company (one hundred percent of sludge production, fifty percent of boiler ashes and twenty percent of vinasse). This replaces almost one hundred percent of phosphate fertilizers with mineral origin. It gives organic matter and improves the physical condition of the soil. It is used in one hundred percent in our territory.

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Cevil Pozo, CP 4109.
Tucumán, Argentina

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